Alberto Batres


Alberto Batres

Here is a personal statement from Alberto:
“After many years of painting, I still feel the same passion and emotion for it. My art has evolved from realistic images to the more abstract. My paintings have begun to emphasize more the symbols that represent life—they represent the time when everything was new and changing. Life is magic and painting gives me the freedom to experience, to a certain point, the gift of creation.”

You can view his newer work (and work that is for sale) at “One of A Grind” at 1841 Oak Bay Avenue. You can reach Alberto at: 250-220-9789, or email him at if you wish to purchase his work.

Te Doy La Luna

Acrylic on Canvas

This surrealistic work has been with us since we first opened on Pandora St.  We have always loved the colours and the spirit evoked from this piece.

Virgin with Child 2004IMG_0308

We asked Alberto to do us an interpretation of a beautiful Virgin that was gifted to us by a wonderful customer who was leaving town. The original print (we still have it) is of a beautiful, young virgin–but the emphasis is mainly on her beautiful lacy veil. In this interpretation, Alberto emphasizes the relationship between mother and child, the Mayan weaving and the agricultural fecundity. I especially love this piece because of the relationship between mother in child. Sometimes, pictures of the Virgin with child can leave the child looking almost lifeless. In this picture, Alberto has the initmate relationship emphasized by the baby reaching for the mother’s sustenance. That baby is looking to be breastfed! I remember when my children would reach up like that in anticipation of some milk. I just love how this baby is interacting with mother.